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                          THE KELOID REMOVAL POWER PACK


Keloids are benign (non cancerous) fibrous skin tumors that occur during abnormal skin healing. Keloids usually occur at the site of skin damage (e.g. cuts, burns, chicken pox, insect bites, piercings, surgery, tattoos etc.) and tend to develop most often on the chest, back, shoulders, earlobes and scalp. The possibility of Keloid growth is not determined by the severity of the wound as even a minor skin abrasion can result in Keloid formation.


Human skin is comprised of epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous layers. Normally, during skin healing there is a balance between the production and the breakdown of collagen which is a protein that makes up the fibers in the skin. With keloidal scars the cells in the skin called fibroblasts produce excessive amounts of collagen. It is unclear what causes this unusual healing process as most researchers have frustratedly concluded that Keloids are caused by either genetic factors, skin tension or the presence of a very high number of fibroblasts in the skin. However, after years of research and development we at Fixskin reject those conclusions and believe that Keloids are actually caused by the skin’s reaction to bacterial infection which has deposited itself deep into the dermis layer of the skin at the time of the initial abrasion.


Fixskin’s Keloid Removal Power Pack is designed to immediately get to the source of the infection and then safely eradicate the infection to allow for the growth of healthy skin. Our Keloid Removal Power Pack is based in advanced aromatherapy using proven anti-microbial essential oils and other aromatic compounds that have been expertly calibrated into a formula designed to achieve maximum results. Our products will do the following:

1. Fixskin’s Toner will disinfect and immediately open up the Keloid infected skin pores by penetrating through the skin’s epidermis layer to the dermis layer of the skin where the infection originates.

2. Fixskin’s Keloid Removal Serum then safely destroys the Keloid causing bacteria deposited within the dermis layer of your skin and will also break down the excessive collagen fibers that forms your Keloid while simultaneously providing the affected skin with the essential nutrients needed to facilitate the growth of healthy bacteria free skin cells.



1. Immediately apply Fixskin’s Toner when your skin is cut or bruised.

2. Do not use any alcohol based products on your skin at any time.

3. Do not pick at your existing Keloids.

4. Do not ever use an electric shaver, disposable razor or tattoo/ear piercing gun/needle that has not been methodically sanitized on your scalp or body at any time.

5. Do not use any other Keloid products while using Fixskin products.


What is aromatherapy?

It is a form of alternative medicine that utilizes volatile plant materials, also known as essential oils, for healing.

What is your Keloid removal serum made of?

Our Keloid removal serum derives from a expertly calibrated formula made from proven anti microbial ingredients including Cocos nucifera oil; Styrax tonkinensis; Melaleuca alfernifolia; Curcuma longa; Eucalyptus polybractea; and Vitamin E.

How long will it take to remove my Keloids?

It really depends on the severity of your Keloid infection. Generally, the epidermis layer (the top part of your skin visible to the human eye) takes about 30 days to replace itself therefore you will begin to notice that some of your smaller keloids will have either disappeared or become noticeably smaller within this period. However, you will probably require 2 to 3 months of faithful use of our Keloid removal serum to remove larger Keloids as our anti microbial serum will require time to break down the thick collagen that has grown atop your Keloid infection.

What should I expect when I first start using Fixskin’s Keloid removal Power Pack?

Within minutes of application of both our toner and serum you will notice that your skin is completely dry because our products are designed to immediately penetrate the epidermis layer of skin to the dermis layer where the infection causing your Keloids resides. Within a few weeks of use you will then notice that your Keloid affected skin will begin to flake and shed as our anti microbial serum attacks the bacterial infection residing in the dermis area of the skin. Expect to experience continued skin flaking of your infected area and then a gradual decrease in swelling until you start to see visible improvement after a month or so of first use.

Will your Keloid Removal Power Pack eliminate every single Keloid regardless of size and or age?

We know that our expertly calibrated formula destroys the bacteria that has caused your Keloids. However, what makes Keloids unique and so difficult to remove is that they include excessive collagen growth. Therefore the key is to faithfully use our removal Keloid Removal Power Pack to allow our serum to not only destroy the bacteria causing your Keloids but also destroy the collagen that has grown atop your affected skin.

Is there a chance that my Keloids will return after your removal Power Pack eliminates most of my Keloids

Because we believe Keloids are the result of bacterial infection there is always a possibility that you can be re-infected. In order to prevent re-infection we advise you to follow our “Five Fixskin Commandments To A Keloid Free Life.”

How can I be sure that this stuff actually works?

We stand by our product with an unconditional money back guarantee.  Furthermore, we urge you to track the effectiveness of our product by taking a photo of the affected area before first using our Keloid Removal Power Pack then taking another photo of the affected area after one month of use and to continue to take photos of the affected area on a monthly basis until you see with your own eyes that your Keloids have disappeared!

What if I have more questions?

Feel free to contact us.