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Razor bumps, also called pseudofolliculitis barbae or simply shaving bumps, are small irritated bumps that often appear after regular shaving on the facial beard area of men and on the legs, lower stomach and buttocks areas of women.  The symptoms of razor bumps are unsightly red or darkened painful ‘bumps’ which often lead to scarring in severe cases.


Human skin is comprised of epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous layers. Until now, the general belief has been that razor bumps are caused after shaving when strands of hair curl back onto themselves and grow into the skin causing irritation, pimples and eventually scarring. However, after years of research and development we at Fixskin reject the general belief that razor bumps are solely caused by curled hair strands and instead have concluded that razor bumps are caused and spread by bacterial infection that has been deposited into the dermis layer of the skin at the time of the initial abrasion.


Fixskin’s Razor Bump Removal Duo is designed to immediately get to the source of the infection and then safely eradicate the infection to allow for the growth of healthy razor bump free skin. Our Razor Bump Removal Duo is based in advanced aromatherapy using proven anti-microbial essential oils and other aromatic compounds that have been expertly calibrated into a formula designed to achieve maximum results. Our products will do the following:

1. Fixskin’s Toner will disinfect and immediately open up the razor bump infected pores by penetrating through the skin’s epidermis layer to the dermis layer of the skin where the infection originates.

2. Fixskin’s Razor Bump Removal Serum then safely destroys the razor bump causing bacteria deposited within the dermis layer of the skin while simultaneously providing the skin with the essential nutrients needed to facilitate the growth of healthy bacteria free skin cells.


THE FIVE FIXSKIN COMMANDMENTS to a razor bump free Face and Body

1. Use Fixskin’s Toner after shaving.

2. Do not use any alcohol based products on your body, face or scalp at any time.

3. Do not pick at your existing Razor Bumps.

4. Do not use an unsanitized electric shaver or disposable razor on your body, face or scalp at any time.

5. Do not use any other Razor Bump products while using Fixskin products.


What is aromatherapy?

It is a form of alternative medicine that utilizes volatile plant materials, also known as essential oils, for healing.

What is your Razor Bump Removal Serum made of?

Our Razor Bump Removal Serum derives from a expertly calibrated all natural formula made from proven anti microbial ingredients including Corylus oil, Melaleuca alfernifolia; Curcuma longa; Lavendula; Thymus vulgaris and Vitamin E.

How long will it take to remove my razor bumps?

The epidermis layer (the top part of your skin that is visible to the human eye) takes about 30 days to replace itself. If your Razor Bumps are relatively mild (ie. small individual bumps that are limited to a small area with no major inflammation) then they should be completely remedied within this time period. However, if you suffer from a major Razor Bump infection (ie. a large clustered pattern of inflamed skin) then it may take up to 60 days to complete remedy. Nevertheless, you will begin to see noticeable improvement within days as our serum will immediately start to safely destroy the bacteria causing your Razor Bumps.

What should I expect when I first start using Fixskin’s Razor Bump Removal Duo?

Within minutes of application of both our toner and serum you will notice that your skin is completely dry because our products are designed to immediately penetrate the epidermis layer of skin to the dermis layer where your infection resides. Within days of use you will then notice that any swelling that may be associated with your Razor Bumps will start to subside and within a few weeks you finally notice that your skin is Razor Bump free!

Is there a chance that my razor bumps will return after your Razor Bump Removal Duo eliminates my razor bumps?

Because we believe that razor bumps are the result of bacterial infection there is always a possibility that you can be re-infected. In order to prevent re-infection we advise you to follow our “Five Fixskin Commandments to Razor Bump Free Face and Body” and use our Fixskin Toner after shaving.

How can I be sure that this stuff actually works?

We stand by our product with an unconditional money back guarantee.  Furthermore, we urge you to track the effectiveness of our product by taking a photo of the affected area before first using our Razor Bump Removal Duo then taking another photo of the affected area after one month of use and to continue to take photos of the affected area on a monthly basis until you see with your own eyes that your Razor Bumps have disappeared!

What if I have more questions?

Feel free to contact us.